25-year-old lesbian, Chicago. I like mystery novels, comic books, art history and puppies. If you're looking for just my artwork, you want packupmydinosaurs.

I also draw a webcomic, Nash and the Leviathan, which will soon be available at packupmycomics.com
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Finally sucked it up and submitted my entry to Project Rooftop’s Fantastic Four redesign contest!  I love superhero teams, especially ones who spend a lot of their time sciencing, so this was fun.

I decided to go with a midcentury-inspired/sci-fi look for their uniforms- not the most drastic change, of course, but I wanted something sleek that played around with the 4 iconography a bit more than usual.  I Also took the bodysuit-as-wearable-computer concept a bit more literally with the optional retinal HUD, and made Ben a bit of a beefcake.  Because why the hell not

I love all of these that I’ve seen so far. I really gotta go and just look through all the entries sometime soon.

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