25-year-old lesbian, Chicago. I like mystery novels, comic books, art history and puppies. If you're looking for just my artwork, you want packupmydinosaurs.

I also draw a webcomic, Nash and the Leviathan, which will soon be available at packupmycomics.com
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Newsarama: Keith, this didn’t take long! You just started writing Larfleeze in a few back-up stories.

Keith Giffen: He gets 10 pages in the back of Threshold and boom!, he launches his own book.

Nrama: Keith, you’re taking a little different approach to the book than you are Threshold. How would you describe the way you guys are writing it?

Giffen: I’m doing something I haven’t done in awhile. I’m going to plot and break it down like it did 52. So I’ll be working with Scott Kolins on that end, and then on the other side of creating the comics, I’ll be working with J.M. DeMatteis on dialogue again.

oh my gosh

oh my gooooooooooosh