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Michelle Carter appreciation post!

I just finished with Booster Gold v2 and I felt like she was really egregiously underused :( When she first came back from the dead she was still kind of getting her bearings and it made sense? But she came back into the book right before Giffen and DeMatteis took over, and they really obviously had no idea what to do with her, so for most of the rest of the run her role became “mother Booster’s daughter while he’s off superheroing and yell at all the dudes around her for being immature,” which didn’t have a lot to do with the way their relationship had been written before and kind of saddened me. I liked it a lot better when she was written as having all the same potential for hotheadedness and dumbassery as her brother.

Also she was a professional pilot back home in the 25th century, which no one writing v2 seems to have remembered.

On a side note, apparently when she gets angry her hair gets poofier? maybe it’s a side effect from electrocuting Skeets idk

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