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This morning I realized that the deadline for P:R’s Fantastic Four redesign contest is almost up, so I cranked this out and mailed it off. I think I said this before when I was trying to work out the designs but I’ll say it again anyway- I like the Fantastic Four more when they’re science-ing it up rather than fighting super crime so the redesign focuses more on that aspect of the team. Also, what’s a contemporary Marvel property that doesn’t feature Wolverine or Spiderman, I mean, is that even a thing? Isn’t that a rule now? I’m pretty sure it is.

So now I want to work on the new young adult science centric Fantastic Four book. I just want that to exist. I would read that book so hard. Also, Spiderman is there. For no reason.

A few extra notes- I don’t understand how Johnny’s suit can’t be damaged by fire but is always on fire (unstable molecules blah blah blah SHUT UP) so I just have the fire bits sticking out. Sue doesn’t get a sexier outfit because she’s a girl. She’s already sexy. I don’t think that everyone should draw Ben with tiny little legs, I’ve just really been into the very cartoony silhouette of the big hulking guy with little legs. In the past I’ve been against the costumes where Ben has a shirt, but I didn’t want to have him topless because he’s always sad that he’s not like other people and most other people wear tops- even in comic books. I determined that the reason why I don’t like those other designs is because he’s not allowed to wear the same shirts as everyone else for some reason.

I want this book to exist now. Especially if Peter always wears the paper bag mask for no discernible reason. But seriously, I think I like this costume design better than any of the canonical ones.

omg the paper bag is killing me, i love everything about this

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